District Property Group believes the buyers and sellers deserve a better real estate experience. We are on a mission to change the game by combining technology, data and a select group of real estate experts to empower people to make smarter real estate decisions.We start with a team approach to every transaction. Combining the expertise of a local real estate professional with a highly skilled group of researchers, marketing and digital experts, and project managers, ensures the client has every aspect of the transaction supported. Taking it a step further, we customize our approach for buyers and sellers and offer unprecedented access to our clients.For buyers, District Property Group uses our relationships, knowledge, and online systems to identify properties most likely to sell on and off the market. This increased access empowers buyers to make the best decision when choosing a home. For sellers, District Property Group identifies the most likely buyers for a home and actively reaches out during the "pre-listing" phase. Generating demand 2-4 weeks before a property hits the open market greatly increases competition, pricing accuracy, and the likelihood a qualified buyer will be found during the critical, "30-day launch" period.We're on a mission to change the way people buy and sell homes in the District of Columbia, and we'd love to show you how.